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Hello, nice that you read my personal story!

I’m Farida. A 43-year-old woman and mother of three. Two years ago I started taking real steps for my own clothing accessory for moms and babies, namely feeding cloths. The idea has been around for much, much longer. I wanted to take my own experience as a starting point to make feeding finer, more enjoyable and above all easier. Feeding a child adorns a woman, a wonder of nature that I like to stimulate.

My son had a difficult start which made me determined to breastfeed him as long as possible. That ended up being his 4th year! I found it uncomfortable outside when using coats, blankets, scarves, etc. Like many other mothers, I wanted to keep it intimate between me and my child. That was the starting point for brainstorming and sketching.

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Breastfeeding cloth

Baseband with rings and snaps and imitation leather

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