Exclusive breastfeeding cloths designed by MB love and only available through MBLOVE

MB love stands for Mom and Baby love.

The intimate moments between mother and child that feeding entails are special. Especially for moms who want to keep it intimate and at the same time want to feel like a woman, these fashionable ones have been developed.

These are unique in several ways. The cloths have 5 press studs that are attached to a base band. The bands are available in two colors, namely beige and navy blue. They are elastic and equipped with 19 pressure points to attach the chosen fabric. This means that the fabric can be worn in different ways. The wearing instructions are also shown further on this page.

Both the straps and the cloths are available separately. For example, you can choose to have 1 band, but several canvases. Handy for when there is one in the washing machine.

Borstvoeding doek

Go for the canvases that appeal to you the most.
Below you will find recommendations if you want to make the choice a bit easier.

For moms who want to keep a feminine touch:

For moms looking for something between baby and feminine shades:

For moms who prefer baby motifs

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